Monday, March 5, 2012

A Seussical Baby Shower

I'm getting so excited for the arrival of our little guy! My mom and cousin Rebecca threw me an amazing Dr. Seuss themed baby shower last week, and it was sooo much fun!! (Btw- My cousin is an amazing photographer and you should stop in and check her out her Etsy shop HERE for some great prints and gifts.) My mom is a fantastic party planner, and I'm sure you'll see several more parties planned by her for me in the future. :)

Rebecca was in charge of the games, and I think she did a wonderful job. I don't think I got pictures of any of them unfortunately! But here's what she did:

*How Many Skittles in the Jar? -- I'm sure you've all played a variation of this at some point. She filled a jar with skittles (my fave!) and everyone had to guess how many were in it. Closest guesser wins!
*Don't Mention the Baby! -- As each guest walked in, they were given a ribbon necklace with a pacifier attached. Now here's the fun part! Everyone with a necklace was not allowed to say "baby" or "babies." If they said either word and someone else called them on it, they would get any necklaces they had. At the end of the night, whoever has the most wins! (Words like infant, little one, etc were okay)
*Baby Features -- Everyone was split into teams and given a stack of magazines, card stock, glue sticks, scissors, and tape. Each team then had to create a picture of a baby that they thought would look the most like the baby on the way. The expecting mother decides which team wins.

Everyone who won a game got to pick a prize from the prize table. My mom is a crafting genius and decorated clipboards, formerly plain wooden boxes, and even created some fun canvas wall art. She also gathered some fun notebooks, decorative boxes, and grown-up coloring books!

We had a such a blast putting this party together! We all took different food assignments, and ended up having quite an awesome selection to choose from. Scroll to the bottom for the menu and some of the recipes and such.. Here's some of the pictures of all the fun!

Sugar scrub party favors
(From our "shower" to yours!)
Super cute and fun Lollipop Tree and theme-colored caterpillar. :)
Brown Bar-ba-loots Truffula Fruits (Fruit Trays)
"Are You My Mother?" Nest Cupcakes (There are broken eggs all over the platter in the back)
Yertle Turtles (Pecan Turtles)
(We had green, blue, and clear Jone's Sodas and nicknamed each with these names.)
Sneetch Treats with Belly Stars and Without
(Sugar cookies with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and marshmallow fondant)
Green Eggs and Ham Sandwiches
Oodles of Noodles for all the Noodle-eating Poodles :)
(Chicken Farfalle Salad)
I got 3 awesome diaper cakes!
Yay for Baby Boys!! :)
Cheesy smile.. Haha. I'm a dork. :)

*Brown Bar-ba-loots Truffula Fruit tray -- An assortment of delicious fresh fruit
*Green Eggs and Ham Sandwiches -- Deviled eggs with green food coloring in the yolk mixture, and a traditional ham sandwich with ham, cheese, mayo, and lettuce
*Oodles of Noodles -- Chicken farfalle salad
*Are You My Mother? Nest Cupcakes -- Vanilla cupcakes with a store-bought lemon filling, white chocolate cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut "nest, and broken whopper eggs
*Sneetch Treats -- Sugar cookies, white chocolate cream cheese frosting with yellow coloring, and green marshmallow fondant stars
*Yertle Turtles -- Pecan Turtles
*Goose Juice, Moose Juice, and Seuss Juice -- Jones Sodas in Berry Lemonade, Green Apple, and Cream Soda

What a super fantastically fun party! So much fun!!! I have another shower later this week (spoiled I know!), and then it's just waiting for our little man to arrive. :) I'm soo super excited!!! I hope you enjoyed the fun party stuff, and maybe it gave you some fun inspiration as well. Have a wonderful week!

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Jutta said...

Wow, this looks so delicious! And beautiful :-)
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Kassy said...

seriously This is like the cutest baby shower ever! I hope you got everything taht you need!

Kathryn Pepper said...

Cute theme for a baby shower! Thanks for sharing at Cutesy Monday!


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