Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day!

Wow! This new year has been crazy! I honestly cannot believe how much of the month has already gone by. This has been one of those time in life where you've got so much going on, that suddenly a few weeks have gone by, and when you get a second to look around you can't believe your eyes. Well, that moment really came for me today when we woke up to 5 or 6 inches of snow and more coming down hard. It's kind of nice to have a day off from the craziness of life and just do what I want to, not what I think I have to. ;)

As you can imagine, from the second our 3 year old saw there was snow, there was a hyper frenzy until we could go out in it. So we all got our our hats and boots and ventured on out. This is the first time it's really snowed and he hasn't been scared of it, so we built a snow man, made snow angels, and had a playful (and gentle!) snow ball fight. And who could pass up a perfectly good excuse for some hot cocoa? So when we came in to warm up, we did that too. Here's some pictures of our fun. Hope you enjoy!

What kinds of fun are you having (or not having) with all the snow? Are you wishing for snow, or just wishing it would go away?

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