Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Blessing :)

Yesterday we finally got to have Hunter blessed. The hubby did an amazing job and it was beautiful. You never would have known he was nervous beyond belief. Love ya sweetie ;)

I wish I could have gotten/made an all white outfit, but my dear sweet husband forgot to mention he'd set a date with the Bishop until Friday morning. Needless to say I was in a bit of a panic after that. Our town lacks special occasion and church clothes for boys except around major holidays, so I was skeptic about finding ANYTHING nice.

I couldn't validate paying $30+ in gas for one outfit to drive to the big city either. After scouring clothing rack after clothing rack I finally saw a white polo on a clearance rack after I'd given up and was heading out of the store. Perfect! I know it's not at all about the clothes, but I really wanted him to look nice and it was relieving to finally find something.

After all that trouble I ended up forgetting his shoes on the table, so he was barefoot. What can you do? Haha. They sure are cute though aren't they? Have an awesome week! :) (we're going to the zoo this week so look forward to some fun pics from that!)

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Marilyn said...

What a blessing! Congratulations! I love that little face of his!