Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kindle Fire Cover Tutorial

vThis week was my sister-in-laws birthday. The night before I was in a little bit of a panic because we didn't have a gift for her and I was at a complete loss for ideas. My hubby said he had thought about getting a cover for the Kindle Fire she'd just gotten for Christmas. Well, there it was. A Kindle cover. I'm assuming he meant one of those hard plastic covers that are nice to prevent damage if it gets dropped, but a cute place to store it and keep it from getting scratched is always nice too. 

I set out to find a good tutorial for what I wanted to accomplish and found two that I loved, but especially loved particular parts of each one. So I combined them together, added some of my own touches, and come up with this super awesome cover! You can find the original tutorials here and here. They're both great and offer different things. Make sure to check them out too.

What you Need:
♥ Fabric (Choose 2-3 coordinating patterns. I used a minky for my 3rd fabric because that's all I had, but I really don't recommend it)
♥ Batting (I just used what was leftover from a quilt project)
♥ Iron on velco
♥ Fabric flower, fabric button, etc. (Absolutely optional, but it adds a nice touch.)
♥ Matching thread, scissors, sewing machine, etc.

Cutting Dimensions:
Outer cover: 9.5"x13" (Fabric A)
Inside back: 9.5"x13" (Fabric B)
Main cover batting: 10"x 13.5" (Batting)

Side Pocket: 9.5"x 6.5" (Fabric B)
Side Pocket Lining: 9.5"x6.5" (Fabric B)
Pocket 1: 8.5"x6.5" (Fabric C)
Pocket 1 Lining: 8.5"x6.5" (Fabric A)
Pocket 2: 7.5"x6.5" (Fabric C)
Pocket 2 Lining: 7.5"x6.5" (Fabric A)

Strap Outer: 3"x6" (Fabric A, B, or C)
Strap Inner: 3"x6" (Fabric A, B, or C)
Strap Batting: 3.5"x6" (Batting)

Reading Holder:  5 3/4"x8 1/4", cut 2 (Fabric A)
Reading Holder corners: 2"x2", cut 4 (Fabric A)

Fabric Flower: approx 30 1 1/2" circles (Fabric A, B, or C) tutorial here

All the pieces:

The Reading Holder:

Beginning at one side of the opening, stitch around the outside until you reach the other side of the opening.

Inside Pockets:

I forgot to get pictures of the rest if this step. Basically you want to attach the pockets together and create a nice finished edge for the side pocket. All the other edges will be sewn into the main cover, so you don't need to worry about them for right now. If you don't feel confident that your layers will stay together (like with minky), baste along the left side as close to the edge as possible. 


Isn't it absolutely adorable? I thought about adding a ruffle down the middle of the strap too, but decided against it because of the minky.

 Putting it all together:
You want to make sure the corners are not sewn down. This allows you to easily insert and remove your reader, but still holds it firmly while in use.

I had it turned the wrong way when I took this picture. (oops!) The open edge should be on the right. Don't let my silly picture taking confuse you!

For a different look you could also make 2 or 3 skinnier straps and spread them out evenly. Or maybe even some leather cording to tie around the whole thing for a more rustic look.

What a fun gift to make! The birthday girl was pretty pleased with it too, and I was a little surprised I was able to throw it together. I really love the little flower. Gives it just the right touch. Don't forget to share if you make one too. I'd love to see what personal touches you add or even just the fabric combinations you choose!


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Kathy@ Gone North said...

Very Cute!!
Thanks for sharing the How-to..
Would love to know how you did the flower.
(stopping by from Becolorful : )

Tiffany said...

Thanks for checking it out!
There's a link for the flower tutorial in the pattern requirements, but here it is again so you can go right to it!
I used her tutorial, but used smaller circles (1 1/2").

David said...

Looks nice. Maybe Lovely Daughter would like to do something similar for her lil tablet. I just bought a $1.00 zippered notepad (complete with mini-"legal" paper tablet) and used some velcro dots to affix my Kindle Fire inside.

Heather Kaluf said...

Love how you made your cover! I just got a kindle fire and I haven't even had it for a day and I already want to make a case for it :)
Newest Follower,