Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Weekend Getaway

On Friday morning I was attempting to sleep in, when my sweet hubby came in and flipped on the light switch over our bed. I could see he had something in his hands and thought to myself, "That had better be chocolate or something really good.." I hadn't slept well and wasn't in the best mood. He then told me we were going on a mini vacation to the coast and showed me what he had in his hand; a notebook with several different options of things to go do on our way there. My mood quickly went from grumpy to ecstatic, and we had sooo much fun! I really do love my husband dearly, and he spoils me far to much. :)

I don't know what's so calming about the ocean, but it always makes me feel so relaxed and happy to see it in person. Absolutely gorgeous! 

Xavier probably likes the beach as much as me, if not more, and he had a blast running around and playing despite it being ridiculously cold.

This was our first offical family vacation, and I don't think I could have asked for a better one. We got to go swimming, and for the first time Xave actually went in the water with us. Every other time I've tried to take him he was terrified and wouldn't go near the water. He couldn't get enough of it, and seeing my favorite two guys (soon to be 3!) laughing hysterically and having fun was probably the best part. The beach was FREEZING and the wind was about ready to topple us over. Silly me thought it would be warm enough for a light jacket. Half an hour from the beach it was snowing, and when we actually got there it tried to snow a few times and we got hailed on at least once. Luckily my hubby had been wanting a new coat and found an awesome one for 50% off. I got to borrow his other one to go over the top of mine. 

We also learned that Xavier doesn't like the smell of seafood. At lunchtime we set out to find a place that would have a good variety of options; I don't like seafood, my husband does, and Xave was set on mac & cheese. Finally we found a place that looked promising, and went inside to wait for a table. We didn't even have time to sit down before Xave started bawling and wailing, "It smells funny in here!!" The restaraunt was super packed anyway, so we headed up the street to the Pig'N'Pancake, and all happily ate there instead.

I was also to finally get some inspiration for our bedroom decor once we have our own room again! The hotel room we stayed in was decorated in white and aqua with accents of green, and a little orange. The atmosphere was so relaxing and tranquil. Everything on the bed was white, and I'm not sure how practical that would be with 2 little boys, but it gave me a good direction. Hopefully I'll be able to direct that into something amazing that I can someday share with you!

Anywho, I hope you all enjoyed your beautiful weekends as well! My mom and cousin are hosting a baby shower last this week, and I can't wait to share with you some of the fun projects that are going into that. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Oh! I almost forgot! Round 2 voting for the Creative Bloggers Got Talent started today. Make sure to stop by there and vote for your Top 5 Favorite projects! Click HERE to vote. Remember, all projects are anonymous, so I can't tell you which project is mine and you'll just have to decide which ones you REALLY like best. Happy voting!! :)



Jenny@NorthwestLovelies said...

I recognize that beach! :) We were just there in January! Isn't it fun to get away? Sounds like you guys had a great trip!

Tiffany said...

First time I've ever been to that one! It was fun and great to get away for a while even though it was a really short trip :)